We welcome your feedback.

I am in process of getting visas to India for myself, my husband, and my three kids. Due to having followed an outdated guide on how to file for a visa printed by our church, I used your old address on Market St. and in the process of the post office returning my package as undeliverable, the package was lost for a week..with all our precious passports!

In the anxious wait to get the package back or hear it had been safely delivered, I called Travisa a couple times. I am sorry to say I can't remember all the names of the people who answered the phone but I couldn't believe how quickly the phone was answered and how helpful they were! It was such a pleasure to call and talk directly with a human and not have to cycle through automated systems. Although everyone has been equally friendly and helpful, Rhonda, in particular was kind. She offered to even walk to the old Market St. address and see if the package was being held there by whoever uses those premises now. I'm sure you can imagine how stressful it is to have the Post Office tell you they've lost the most precious package you've ever sent in your life, so I was full of gratitude when Rhonda offered to go above and beyond like that.

And Nikki is processing my documents now (they have since arrived safely!
Props to the Post Office for not only finding the package but figuring out Travisa's current address for me) and is lovely as well. I really prepared myself each time I called for a frustrating, long, miserable experience, like calling the DMV or an insurance company or something. But it's been a pleasure instead. I'm busy, but I felt impressed enough that I had to write. So please compliment your team!

Thank you, .

Kate B.

I want to thank the 4 individuals on "live chat" that assisted me yesterday. I was having a difficult time with the visa application and with your website. They got me through it. One went beyond my expectation by finding a link for me to download chrome. I am a senior with limited tech skills..
Thanks again.


I’d like to give my sincere compliments and gratitude to Travisa and specifically consultant Charles Adedapo in the Houston office for their invaluable support in obtaining a very urgent India business visa…. Charles answered a number of questions and provided direction and assurances... He provided regular updates via phone and email and was always the voice of calm and reason during a very stressful time for us. With his help, the visa was issued and our CEO received her passport with India visa this morning. He also did something very important for me – he made me look good! Thanks again to Charles. He’s definitely an asset to your company. We have now begun to partner with other Travisa offices for a number of other company business visas and I’ve had great continued customer support. I can say that I will engage Travisa moving forward and will recommend to my other colleagues in my field.
Best Regards


"I wanted to let you know of the outstanding support I received Friday from Mr. Willis James of the Travisa office in New York City. Companies talk about customer service, but for many organizations it is just that, talk. Not at Travisa, Mr. James support was absolutely outstanding! His calm, cordially, and friendly professional demeanor is something I saw in all the people that work for him in the Travisa NYC office. He sure seems like a lead-by-example manager. With Travisas continued help, Im confident that my India visa will come in time for my multi-country/continent business trip to happen.
Travisa has one great asset in Mr. James!
Thank you,"

Steven S.

"Sending off for a Visa is no simple thing. It's a bit nerve wracking, but every time I call the Houston office I get great guest service and much reassurance. What a professional office. I had Tanita yesterday and I think Rasheed today. Thanks so much for making a hard thing less hard!"

S. P.

"Simply THE BEST!!! You guys got it right! I've traveled much and dealt with several different agencies, Travisa is beyond the best, with online tools and a team of very and I repeat VERY courteous folks. I never leave feedbacks, but in this case, I had to. Job Well Done!"

Ruslan B.

"I am writing this message to recognize the outstanding service Maria Getahun provided me in obtaining a Russian visa for my wife and I. Maria was very patient and thorough in helping me through this process. She was always prompt and efficient in her messages and always extremely polite. To top it all, she recognized that all the visa pages in my wife's passport were now used up and called us to alert us about it. We can get the additional pages added to the passport now rather in the middle of the next visa application process. As a result of actions, Maria has created an excellent opinion of your company in my mind.

Yogesh K.

"Dear Mr. Baratov,
I would like to thank you for your great help in assistance with obtaining Russian visas for my family. I appreciate your personal approach, extensive knowledge, and navigation through some inevitable and always confusing cultural differences between the two countries. I was very nervous through the whole process, but you were able to provide all the necessary information to numb my fears. We are looking forward to our trip and wishing you a great summer.
"Spasibo!"[Thank You!]"

Svetlana D.

"I would like to commend Jason McMillan for taking care of the visa needs for a group of travelers from my university. He stayed in communication with me when there were some delays in sending our visas back and promptly took care of our needs. He promptly returned emails and phone calls so that we could get our visas in time for our trip."

Tobie H.

"I just wanted to let you know that I received my visa today. Thank you very much for all of your assistance and encouragement during this process. I am very satisfied with the services I received from Travisa and will gladly complete the survey. I look forward to working with your company when my travel needs call for a isa or other specialized services."

Rozell D.

"Wonderful service! Thanks!"

Anna B.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Pamela specifically on a few occasions, and it's always stuck with me how pleasant, helpful, and thorough she was. Applying for visas can be a daunting process and warrant a lot of assistance, and I never felt like a bother when working with Pamela."


"I would like to email to let your office know that Kat and Bob were a tremendous help in processing my visa, and most importantly, easing my mind. At the beginning of my trip planning, I tried to do everything on my own. I contacted 4 other companies to try to figure out how to make my Russian trip possible. Every company that I contacted had horrible customer service and made me feel like I was wasting their time or not important enough to remember the details of my trip. Kat was the first person that I talked to who genuinely seemed to want to help me. She was cheerful and super helpful. She didn't have all of the answers to all of my questions, but no one does! She asked 2 other people in your office just to verify information that she was telling me. The fact that she did that made me trust her more. There are tons of people in the world who will tell you whatever they believe to be true, whether it really is true or not. The fact the Kat took the time to verify information tells me that she, and in turn your company, have invested interest in their clients and are not "in it just for the money." Bob was the second person I talked to about the Global Service Order Form. I was concerned about the time frame for the processing of my visa. He was also so cheerful and so nice! It really is the people who make the business. I don't know if it's just your office of if it's because you're in the wonderful city of San Francisco, but you're all so nice! :) I know Bob was just doing his job, but the information he gave me and the time he took to answer all of my questions/concerns really settled my troubled mind.
Thank you again to you and your team!"

Ngoc D.

"All I can say is thank God for Travisa! You are wonderful and very professional. 5 days turnaround is unheard of. I can hardly believe this.
Sincerely grateful,"

Will R.

"Thanks, my passport with visas have arrived. I am so glad I chose your company. I had called another service, also in SF, and a snotty and impatient person answered the phone, totally put me off. Your service has been unfailingly friendly, efficient, and reliable. I was impressed by how well laid out and organized you present the information, the clarity of your instructions, and the efficiency with which you make it easy to follow the daunting path to getting a visa from the Russian consulate.
I can highly recommend Travisa San Fran!
Thank you!!"


"I just wanted to write to recognize an outstanding employee of yours. Jason McMillan did an outstanding job with my recent visa request. I was under tight time constraints to get both a Brazil and Russian visa for my boss as his date of travel had been moved up. This was one of those times when everything that could go wrong did. Jason did an outstanding job staying on top of the issues and keeping me informed Jason successfully got both visa requests processed and, Im happy to say, got the passport delivered to the travelers hotel this morning. I cannot thank Jason enough for his patience and persistence in dealing with my visa request and constant requests for updates. My traveler had to cancel a trip to Russia once before because of visa issues so he is thrilled that we got it worked out and he can take his Russia trip early next month as planned. You have a dedicated and customer service-driven employee in Jason. He deserves these accolades and more."

Sharon K.

"I FedExed my application Wednesday afternoon, and received the passport with the Indian visa the following Tuesday morning. Very clear tracking throughout. Many thanks for an efficient service."

Barry F.

"Thank you for being so quick with my passport and Indian visa. I really appreciate your professionalism and I will recommend you to my friends.
Best regards,"

Doris L.

"Thank you for the excellent customer service regarding my visa application. I received my passport today and was impressed with the overall process that Travisa provided. I look forward to doing business with your company in the future.

Marlin T.

"I was very, very happy with your service! And I would particularly like to thank Jaime for listening and acting on getting the visa as soon as possible. Thanks Jaime, I really appreciate your thoughtful attention! I will definitely recommend Travisa to my friends.

Silvia B.

"I am pleasantly surprised at the speed the processing is done and I truly appreciate the service provided by Travisa people."


"I am in receipt of my passport and visa. I wish to especially thank both Anna and Mark for their OUTSTANDING assistance. Yesterday I was extremely stressed about the possibility of missing a planned trip to Costa Rica because my passport was not ready. Anna and Mark, I believe, went above and beyond their usual service to retrieve my passport from the Cambodian Embassy and to send it to me expeditiously. At all times they were professional and courteous to me despite my mounting anxiety and almost hysteria. Please know that Anna and Mark are amazing assets to the Travisa organization and deserve special praise for their work on my behalf. I will be forever grateful and will recommend Travisa to all my friends.
With extreme gratitude,"

Sheila O.

"This is the third time that I have used Travisa, the last 2 times Alex has been my contact point. Both times I have been extremely happy with Alex. This time Alex was especially helpful Alex went above and beyond his duties to assist with completing the application and ensuring that all of the information was correct. Based upon my experiences with Alex, I will continue to use Travisa and recommend this service to friends and family."


"Luis has been our Travisa rep. for 20 students applying for Indian visas. Now that the passports with visas are almost in the mail, I wanted to tell Travisa that Luis has been great to work with. Just great. He calmly let us know where we messed up and what he needed and consistently kept in touch. I have really appreciated his attention to detail and his confidence that everything would work out fine.
Thank you."

Best C.

"Jason MacMillan was amazing in helping us through the visa process and vetting our application for the consulate. He was also very patient and courteous when receiving multiple follow up calls from me when I was nervous about the processing."

B. Assad

You are the best! I sent 4 passports for Indian visas. The instructions were crisp and helpful. The online tracking was excellent. I had to call for a minor clarification and the help was prompt and professional. I got the passports back in very short time. Nothing but good the things to say about Travisa.

Rony T.

Puja was the best! She was on the ball notifying us of what was going on and giving great input. We ran into an issue getting a visa for Russia that we never had before and she was sympathetic and very informative.

Ruth B.

I want you to know how responsive the people in your Washington, DC office were. Had various email correspondence with Joanna and she was always very responsive and answered my questions. Then over the weekend when I was trying to fill out the Russian visa forms and being so frustrated, I finally gave up and this morning called the office and got Umid. Well, let me tell you - he was absolutely wonderful and helped me and was a life saver. Documents are now on their way there and I don't know how I would have ever done it without him. Please compliment him - and a raise would be good too ! ! !

Davina A.

Anna was extremely helpful and did a great job of getting my Russian visa in just a few days. Thanks for the help!

Russ K.

Ms. Andrea has been very helpful in obtaining my visa for Cameroon. She has kept me abreast of any issues and assisted greatly in the process.

Roy S.

Jenny was extremely helpful and able to answer a number of questions and resolve several issues for me. Thanks a million!

Steven P.

I recently applied for a Brazil visa. The website was very detailed and thorough and was easy to use. I did have a question, used the link on the website, and received a response very quickly. I wish airline customer service was like that! I also appreciate the ease of status. Good job!

Tom S.

I just spoke to Rhonda regarding my Chinese VISA application. She was so polite, professional and knowledgeable. I appreciate doing business with companies who hire excellent personnel such as Rhonda.


Judy G.

As a first time user of Travisa, I have to admit I was not clear as to what I actually need to do and how to complete my application for a visa to India. I called your toll-free number and got Bob. He answered all of my questions to my satisfaction and did a great deal to put me at ease as to the procedures I would have to follow. Bob also gave me some excellent advice, which I will certainly put to good use when I get to India. He was very good at putting me at ease with a good and gentle sense of humor. If all your employees are as competent and helpful as Bob, I have to compliment you on the caliber of people you hire! Thanks, Bob for your invaluable assistance! My trip to Tibet will be a much easier one thanks to you.


Judith C.

Awesome service. I will recommend Travisa to anyone traveling. Thank you

Barbara R.

Dear Travisa staff, Thank you so much for your really quick visa processing work for my husband and daughter. I worked with Vika and she was really knowledgeable, gave me clear direction and advice. It has been a pleasure. Thank you again!

Zarina E.

Just received our Chinese visas and are extremely satisfied with your service, especially an on-line chat I had with Ruthe regarding questions about the answers to some of the questions. Ruthe was patient, knowledgable, and extremely helpful in our getting the visa the first time with no problems. She is a great representative for Travisa and you should consider her for an employee award for giving Travisa an excellent reputation.

John J.

Over the past 2 years I have applied for several visas through Travisa in order to travel to Russia.
I just want to express my appreciation for the level of service and courtesy I have consistently received, especially from Angela.

In seeking a visa to visit Siberia, I always seem to encounter delays from the bureaucrats in Tyumen, but your staff has always found a way to make sure my visa is processed expeditiously. As I travel back to Russia, India, and beyond in the future, I look forward to continue using your reliable and professional services.

You have a very capabale staff.
Thank you

John P. M.
Washington DC

I want to thank the Travisa staff for helping my husband and I with our trip to China last summer. I was so worried about how to obtain Visas; however, Travisa made the process so easy!

Thank you so much for your assistance. I have recommended this service to several other people.

Jane and LeRoy S.


I just wanted to let you know that your service is awesome. I realized a little over an hour ago that I forgot to get my Australian visa for my trip tomorrow. I called and spoke with a lovely woman, Arleen, who politely and cheerfully directed me to your website and assured me that you could help. Then after I submitted and faxed a copy of my passport I called and spoke with Nicole who politely and efficiently confirmed that you received my fax and let me know that the visa was in process. Then I got a call from Yvette Aidoo letting me know that processing was complete and a confirmation email was sent which is the best part as I was harrassing my husband at home asking if anything had come across yet as I was worried!

My mother and her friend are traveling to Australia in a few weeks and still need to get their visas and I will be directing them to your site.

Thank you so much for the fast service and for hiring such fabulous woman for me to talk with on the phone today!!!

Wishing you continued success,

Janet L.


I recently worked with getting a Visa through your company. Arlene Cuanias handled my case with exceptional care. Due to my entry to a non-standard city, there were additional measures required in order to obtain my Visa.
However, Arlene went out of her way to keep me informed throughout the process and explained each step with great detail and concern for my satisfaction. I would like to give my commendations for a job well done and would appreciate it if she could be recognized for her good work.
Thank You,

Jim J.

Hi there Ms Freeman!

I just wanted to drop you a quick line thanking you for the awesome job you all are doing there at Travisa! MY Father and I recently had a death in his family, and getting his u.k. passport in on time for her funeral back in England was, obviously, critical! You're lovely employee by the name of Arlene.. was AWESOME!!!

I appreciated constantly being updated by someone as professional as she, and kind. I loved working with Travisa and will highly recommend your company to anyone traveling on the fly!

Kindest regards,

Juliet H.

Dear Sir/Madam:

Thanks a ton for helping us with our Uganda visas!
Much appreciate your good service and you keeping in touch with us!

With best wishes,

Bob F.

Dear Ms. Freeman,

We spoke this morning on the phone. I wanted to write you for the service provided by your staff at the Washington office.

For those of us who work with international travel, it is a great relief to do business with Travisa. Between your on-line tracking system and clear instructions, and the way one can reach a human being on the phone if needed, we have enjoyed our association over the years, and have recommended the Washington office to others.

Recently, in particular, Arlene Cuenias and I had occasion to speak multiple times to track down a delayed document at the Brazilian consulate. It was reassuring to know I had an "ally" within the bureaucracy of govt.processing. Her seeing that the visa arrived on time in Charlottesville, before the trip started certainly made a huge difference in several people's peace of mind.

All of your staff deserve a big thanks, for service in our scientists'
behalf. Thanks to all for a job well done!

Heidi W.

To Whom it May Concern:
I want to thank Travisa for your excellent service. I had no idea how to get a visa and no one around me knew. AAA recommended your site to me and when I went to it, I was able to IM an employee there who answered all of questions! On top of that, the turn around time for my Visa was very fast. Thank you so much for taking the stress out this part of traveling for me! I will definitely use your website in the future and recommend it to other travelers.


Andrea C.

Ms. Freeman, once again, I wanted to thank you for the dedication you showed to my passport/visa issue today. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated your assistance. You handled my crisis in an assured, exemplary manner, which, I'm sure, is a reflection of the services that Travisa provides.

Thanks again for all your efforts.

Lisa M.

Kim Conway assisted myself and Sharon Motasky in attempting to locate my passport. Kim is "one of a kind". She remained professional and understanding when I was very upset. She went to the post office late evenings and on the week-end to try to locate my passport.

When she was exhausted with me, she treaded forward, remaining constant in her voice and manner. She is an "exceptional" employee (Manager) of Travisa. I have been in the work force some 38 years.

Believe me, there are few that would go to the extent Kim did to satisfy me, as a customer. She valued the Travisa name and was totally dedicated and loyal to her company. "Kim" is what will keep me a referring customer to Travisa.

I hope Travisa realizes what you have in Kim, and I hope she is paid well.....She deserves it.


Sandra C.

My partner and I used your NY office services earlier this year for a China vacation and were VERY impressed with the accuracy of information provided by Travisa. I used your DC office services recently for business - you were the ONLY service that provided me with accurate information about visa requirements for Zimbabwe.

Thank you for great customer service and for providing accurate information.

Kathleen T.

You're supposed to wow your customers.


Don M.

The passport arrived yesterday morning. Looks great. Thanks. A lot of companies talk about customer service and customer first, but Travisa did what it said it would when it said it would. Your customer is very happy.

Norman K.

We recently went through the process of applying for VISA's for Russia and India. Although we generally understood the instructions, we needed a few points of clarification.

Your employee John, based in San Francisco, was simply outstanding. He was professional, informative, and went above and beyond with his help. We have found our experience with TRAVISA to be highly satisfactory, and John is a big reason why.

We look forward to working with TRAVISA and employees like John in the future.


Bruce and Stephanie M.

Thank you for the prompt passport service. In addition to renewing my passport on time you also kept me informed every step of the way with an e-mail message acknowledging receipt of my renewal request, and another e-mail notifying me of the shipment back to me, along with a convenient link to the FedEx package tracking system so that I could follow the progress of my new passport.

I found you service to be professionally executed.

Thank you.

Peter C.

Aloha Travisa,

Thank you for your very prompt and courteous service. I NEVER write to a company I have dealt with , but your service was exceptional. This is the second time this year that I used Travisa. The online tracking really helps since I was called out of the country at the last minute , I knew exactly where my Passport was. You had it until 5:10 last night in SF and I had it at 11:35 in Hawaii today.

Mahalo for the speed

Steve P.

In a world where everyone talks a good game but rarely delivers, I want to let you know how pleased I was with your service.
I had a China visa processed through your Chicago office and the service was superb. It was a pleasure doing business with Travisa.


Rich B.

Got my visa on Tuesday - 2 days ahead of schedule. You guys are great! I am recommending you to my friends and family - great web interface, great followup and service, and great results! Thank you very much -

it was a pleasure dealing with such a professional outfit, and you really helped minimize my stress! I'm off to Brazil!

Many thanks

Casey H.

Thank you for the excellent service! I received my passport back with the visa for Eritrea this morning, even though Fed Ex was two days late getting my passport to you. You received it yesterday morning and shipped it back to me yesterday afternoon. I will recommend you to everyone!

Steve W.

Thanks-- you guys are great! That's why I always do business with you. (Now take the rest of the day off!)

Ann Butler

"I just wanted to let know that I have received my US passport in the mail. Your customer service is one of the best I have ever done business with and your ability to process my request in a timely and professional manner is commendable. I will be using your service again to process mine and my girlfriend's Chinese visa application. You should be hearing from us soon."


Chuck A.

"First let me say that the professionalism of the personnel at Travisa is outstanding. They're always very knowledgeable, helpful and courteous.

Recently, I had a visa issue and was helped by Tanzi who helped me tremendously. She told me that she would call me back after getting information in 10 minutes and she did. She told me that she would contact the Embassy right away and call me back in 10 minutes and she called me back in 5 minutes. She definitely an asset to Travisa as is all of your fine personnel.

I look forward to continuing a great working relationship with Travisa. Happy New Year!"

Beverly S.

"To Whom It May Concern:

I just wanted to write and let you know that I have been working with your organization, direct branch, for a year now and I wanted someone in your organization to know how outstanding your services are. From the great, user-friendly website to the prompt turn-around time on visa processing to the update communication on the process, it is all very efficient.

Your organization provides top-notch service and it makes my job that much easier.

Thanks again!"

Stephanie B.

"Thank you for your assistance and prompt, very prompt, service. I want all your supervisors to know that you are the best. What great customer service in this day and age of nobody cares. You have proved them wrong."

Viktoria M.

"Dear Sir:

I am writing to express my gratitude for all the excellent job performed by Neha of your Visa department. At short notice I planned my trip to the Middle East. With Neha's hard work I was able to obtain visas for Bahrain, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, and receive my passport back this morning for my departure tomorrow. Her assistance in obtaining my visa for Saudi Arabia is especially appreciated.

I would have no hesitation in recommending your services and will definitely use your company in the future."


Patrick C.


I rec'd the passports today at 9:15 am CDT. I wanted to say THANKS again for all your help!!! We can really depend on you to come through for us !!!!"

Ms. Jan T.

I want to take a quick minute to express my appreciation for the hard work & dedication that Travisa exhibits in its work for our company’s submissions, my own experiences with the San Francisco team in particular.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with several other expeditors over the last 10 years and know the difference between an office that has taken the time to develop a good rapport with the different consulates and one that is simply indifferent to the need for such.

The people who work for Travisa here seem to go out of their way to communicate any changes, concerns, or problems with us so we can resolve them quickly. Well done!

Barb G.

Holy cows in India! I was not expecting Travisa to get my Visa to me in time for me to attend my sister's wedding. I sent my Indian Visa application and paperwork to Travisa on a Wednesday and it was received by them on a Thursday. It is the following Friday and I have already gotten my passport and visa back with their fast track service. They kept in touch with me through the whole process and was surprised as to how generous all the staff is. Cortnee Wilson, if you're reading this, I want to thank you once again for putting up with all of my annoying emails throughout the process. I'd like to send you a cyber hug because you have no idea how important this was to me. I can proudly say that I will be able to attend my sister's wedding all due to the great staff at Travisa. Thank you!

Travisa has been my Agency to obtain India Visa for the last 7 years. Their website changed, lots of improvement and the staff members that I spoke to on the phone (Texas and Georgia) were absolutely helpful and very courteous. Great job...and I have recommended you for other staff members. Thank you!

Great experience dealing with Terrie. She was always very helpful during a stressful process and was always quick to reply to any emails or questions I had.

Christopher G

I was very impressed with your service. The group I am traveling with gave us very short notice about the need to have a Visa in advance and I was very worried You all were great when I talked to you on the phone and then basically had a 1 day turn-around on the documents!!

I loved the way I could track the progress on line. I was not wondering how long things were going to take. I also looked that I could track the Fedex return. My documents arrived home within 24 hours. Very impressed.

Annamaria went above and beyond in assisting us w/ our visa questions and concerns. She was a consummate professional and we felt comforted knowing that she was tending to our travel needs. Also, Alex was very kind in helping us to reprint an application that needed to be re-sent. Over all the service was immediate and hassle free. Thank you.

Ericka G