Why the Need for a Passport Sticker?

Many customers have asked about the gold sticker placed on the passport during processing with Travisa. Therefore, we thought it would be helpful to explain in more detail about why Travisa uses stickers to identify our clients' passports.

The stickers are used for the following reasons:

  1. Identifying the submitting agency should the Embassy require additional information. Embassies will not check application forms for contact telephone numbers.
  2. Ease of identification should we need to call the embassy to request special service. Embassies will not look through hundreds of passports to locate the client by name.
  3. Pick-up procedures. Embassies have special arrangements for pick-up and delivery by visa services. Passports bearing stickers are kept apart from those submitted by mail from the general public.
  4. Passports not bearing stickers are often mailed out by the Embassies inadvertently. This often results in the cancellation of the trip.
  5. Many Embassies require visa applications submitted by a third party to bear an identifiable symbol.
  6. Sometimes clients lose their passports while traveling. There have been occasions when passports have been returned to Travisa due to the sticker being on the front of the passport.

    The advantages of using a sticker on a passport far outweigh the disadvantages of removing the sticker.

We appreciate your feedback and value your continued business.