Travisa Security Information

Travisa maintains the highest industry standards for safety and security of client data. Our visa and passport processing system is composed of only the best products and services to ensure data and privacy security, no matter what step of the application process your data might be in. To ensure your account details are safe, our proprietary systems are fully fault tolerant running over encrypted connections. Travisa works with outside experts to conduct routine PCI Compliance and penetration testing to ensure we meet the highest standards. Travisa meets and exceeds the data security requirements of our discerning clients including banks and governments.

Your Data

  • Is encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Is treated in accordance with all PCI security standards
  • Is protected in office, in transit to embassies and on its way back to you

In Transit

  • Passports are scanned and logged when they leave an office or arrive at an embassy
  • All connections to our orders system are secured by Comodo SSL certificates
  • All packages are sent by secure in-person FedEx handoffs and logged as they leave

At Rest

  • Redundant backups
  • Commercial grade data encryption
  • All access is logged through a username and account


  • Quarterly Third party evaluations
  • Inspection and approval from numerous fortune 100 companies
  • Industry Leading website, ordering system and testing regiment

In Person

  • 24 Hour monitoring of all offices
  • Vetted, ID wearing professional staff and embassy liaisons
  • In office security with no visitors or unauthorized access to processing locations

Is Secure

  • Your Data and Privacy is our foremost concern
  • Track your order and packages every stop of the way, with text and email alerts
  • Rest assured that with almost 3 decades of experience, Travisa will care for your data and privacy with an attention to detail that is second to none!

Travisa is Certified

  • Comprehensive review process administered by TRACE
  • Travisa has completed internationally accepted due diligence procedures
  • Commercial transparency and compliance

If you have any questions about this information contact Travisa by email at: